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HPC Students Training Schedule
Spring, 2019

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SDSC supports training of its user community, including students, in all aspects of High-performance computing (HPC). We have planned a series of training sessions, to be held on Fridays from 1:00pm to 3:00pm in the SDSC SynCenter (or the Auditorium, if needed). The scope of the training effort includes several skill development activities, including:
  • Study HPC architectures, software, and admin skills.
  • Learn the basics of parallel programming, including MPI using C, Fortran, and possibly other languages.
  • Running HPC applications in the areas of performance characterization of the cluster, bioinformatics, numerical methods, password security, and other applications.
  • Visualization and analysis of big data sets.
  • Working as a team to develop and work on the items above.
Students will be given accounts on Comet, the SDSC Supercomputer, and be given the opportunity to complete several basic assignments. Students who successfully complete the HPC Training program will receive an SDSC Certificate of Completion in HPC Training, and will become eligible to apply for UCSD Co-Curricular Credit

HPC Training Schedule (Spring 2019)

Note: The schedule below shows both SDSC HPC Training sessions and Supercomuting Club activities, and is subject to change.
Link to training materials:
The HPC Training'19 program is sponsored by the SDSC HPC Students program, the newly formed UCSD Supercomputing Club, and our sponsors. To learn more, see:
For questions, contact Mary Thomas: (mthomas at