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HPC User Training 2020

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Training Session Details

Participants will be given accounts on Comet, the SDSC Supercomputer, and will be given the opportunity to complete several basic assignments. Participants who successfully complete the HPC Training program will receive an SDSC Certificate of Completion in HPC Training. Students who complete the course will also be eligible to receive [UCSD Co-Curricular Credit]() for thier efforts. There is no grade in the course. To sucessfully complete the course, participants must attend most of the sessions and complete the tasks assigned. Participants are encouraged to work as teams, and can work on the assignments past the last date of training sessions with the approval of the instructor.

Link to Training Materials:

HPC Training Schedule

The HPC Training'19 program is sponsored by the SDSC HPC Students program, the UCSD Supercomputing Club, and our sponsors. To learn more, see:
For questions, contact Mary Thomas: (mthomas at