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The SDSC HPC Students Program is designed to foster the next generation of a High-Performance Computing workforce that focuses on educating and training students. It is designed to engage students from high school to grad school about all things HPC (from programming to building clusters), to motivate them to pursue HPC careers, and to serve as bridge between students and HPC-related development, research and researchers. Want to learn more? Join the IEEE Supercomputing Club. Want to get more experience? Check out our HPC Students Internship Program.

Current Projects & Activities:

SDSC Students@Supercomputing

One of the largest technical meetings in HPC in the world is the annual Supercomputing Conference ( SC is where experts in High-Performance Computing (HPC) meet. HPC spans many scientific computing domains including Math, Physics, Biology, and Data and Environmental Sciences. SDSC sponsors qualified student applications for all student programs, including: Student Volunteers; the Student Cluster Competition team; and the #HPCImmersion Program.

Student Cluster Competition:

The SCC was developed in 2007 to immerse undergraduate and high school students in high performance computing. The SCC teams consist of a mentor plus 6 students who will design and build a small cluster, and learn to run scientific applications on thier systems. At SCC, teams compete against teams from around the world, in a non-stop 48-hour challenge to complete a real-world scientific workload, while keeping the cluster up and running, and demonstrating to the judges their HPC skills and knowledge. Acceptance to the SC competition is competitive and requires intense preparation and skill development.
Since 2019, the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) and UC San Diego (UCSD) have sent teams to SCC, and we hope to continue the tradition. See our SCC pages for more information. For more information, see our SCC pages here:

IEEE Supercomputing Club Projects

SDSC/UCSD Co-Curricular Records Program:

The HPC Students Program has been working with the UCSD Co-Curricular Record team to create a system where SDSC staff and researchers can grant Co-Curricular Record credit to thier students.