SDSC HPC Students

HPC/CI Interships:

HPC Training interns will work closely with the SDSC Staff and the HPC Training Working Group to help develop training materials. The intern will work on the development of HPC training materials, which may include: test and maintain Jupyter notebooks that run on Expanse and other HPC systems; maintain and develop GitHub repositories to manage training material; integrate training events into training repo/archives; develop scripts to automate creation of training and interactive video pages; create interactive training pages for all events; develop scripts to gather training metrics data; and develop and test other related applications, technologies or web pages.

Note: SDSC offers both paid and unpaid student internship positions. Some are listed on Handshake. More info on Handshake can be found on TritonLlink.  In addition, more information can be found on the pages:

  • HPC/CI Students: see
  • SDSC Research Data Services Summer Internship Program:
  • CAIDA Research Students:
  • UC San Diego’s Mentor Assistance Program (MAP):

Internship Opening (2/1/2024):

  • Interactive Video Developer Internship:
    • Support HPC Training activities working on maintaining and developing the Interactive Videos website:
    • Internship start/end dates: 3/1/23 - 5/31/2024, potential for Summer and Fall position
    • Skills needed include working with Apache, Python, YouTube videos, databaseis, metadata searching, JSON, other web techs
    • Helpful to have experience with Neo4J and knowledge graphs, and basics of AI/LM, LLMs

    Internship Opportunity Examples:

    Will depend on current projects and the skills and interests of the applicant. Some examples include:
    • Create and manage GitHub repos and material including code, presentations, videos, etc.
    • Assist in the maintenance and development of the Training Materials and Document system:
      • support integration of training events into the training repo/archives
      • develop scripts to pull data from the Cascade asset factory DB to be used by documents, etc.
      • automate process of using GH submodules to collect repo material (e.g. your wonderful perf repo should be cloned into production Training material repo).
    • Test training materials, including tutorials, notebooks, etc.
    • Assist in the creation of project and training websites and other outreach materials aimed at educating users and improving the overall user experience and success in using the systems.
    • Develop scripts to gather training metrics for reporting GitHub downloads, clones, site visits for GH and Documents, and other sources.
    • Work with data sets, taxonomies, ontologies and knowledge graphs to descript the HPC Training Materials system.

    Qualifications Required for the Job:

    • Undergraduate working towards Bachelors of Science and/or Engineering, preferably in the fields of: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, Electric Engineering.
    • Experience with Unix/Linux OS, GitHub, Slack, Discord are required.
    • For web based projects, knowledge of web technologies (e.g. Jekyl, HTML5, CSS, javascript, REST) and programming (python, pgi/cgi), Jupyter Notbooks) is required.
    • Experience and/or education in software development with at least one of the key scientific programming languages such as C, C++, Fortran.

    Additional Qualifications:

    • Experience with AI/ML, taxonomies, ontologies and knowledge graphs is desirable.
    • Experience with parallel programming such as CUDA, MPI, OpenMP is desirable
    • Responsible, self-motivated, able to work independently, meet project deadlines
    • Must be able to work 6 hours a week (minimum) during academic year, and 20-40 hours in summer.
    • Must be able to communicate effectively and work on teams both local and remote.
    • Have paid UCSD Fall 2023 student services fees or Readmit to work during summer

    For more information please contact:

    Mary Thomas (mpthomas at