SDSC HPC Students

Due to the impact of Covid-19, the SC Conference is modifying the Student Cluster Competition at SJC20 in order to support remote participation. The Virtual Student Cluster Competition (VSCC) will be held completely in the cloud, allowing student teams to participate remotely from their home institution, or in person at the conference. The dates of the main SC conference is November 15-20, 2020.
The SCC competitions typically runs from Monday to Wednesday of that week, but may change for the virtual meeting. The SCC Committee is still working on the details of the virtual competition.

The VSCC competition will be completely embracing the model of on-demand HPC computing
in the cloud: as part of the competition, students will have the opportunity to build virtual
HPC Clusters using the Microsoft Azure
cloud computing resource on which to run the different HPC applications. For more details about the SCC20 competition, and a list of the applications that will be run during the competition, visit the SCC site here