SDSC HPC Students

The SC20 Student Cluster Competition has completed. It was an exciting competition, and the team submissions can be viewed on the leaderboard:

The Superscalars did very well considering that they were the first team sponsored by UCSD/SDSC: out of 19 teams, the Superscalars had the following significant accomplishments:

  • ranked 4th overall
  • achieved the highest score on the mystery application
  • ranked 3rd in HPCG with 4.056 TFlops
  • ranked 5th for the reproducibility application
  • ranked 6th for IO 500, with 16 GB/s
  • submitted full or partial results for all of the applications.
What a great job the team has done for the first SCC team hosted by SDSC and UCSD. For more information in the news, see SDSC News.