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Competition Team

Name Photo About
Matthew Mikhailov Matthew Mikhailov is the SCC22 Student Team Lead, as well as the lead for the LAMMPS application and the co-lead for the IO500 benchmark. He specializes in VLSI physical design, computer architecture, and computational chemistry. His career goal is to use computers to solve physics problems and to use physics to solve computer problems.
Stefanie Dao Stefanie Dao is experienced across cloud computation, computer vision, and high-performance software. She plans to apply her HPC experience to server-side processing and updating of augmented reality experiences in real time.
Yuchen Jing Yuchen Jing has extensive networking and Linux system administration experience from hosting network proxies, file transfer servers, and version control systems. He is looking forward to strengthening his skills in developing, deploying, and maintaining high performance software.
Anish Govind Anish Govind is specializing in the reproducibility application and performance monitoring system. He is an undergraduate computer engineering and applied mathematics student at UC San Diego. He is interested in using mathematics to further optimize system hardware and software to get the best performance.
Michael Granado Michael Granado has experience in system security, data science, and machine learning. He also has a knowledgeable background in mathematics and physics which hopes to apply to the competition applications.
Davit Margarian Davit Margarian brings a VLSI chip design and firmware background to the team. He hopes to use his HPC experience to accelerate computer-aided design tools for billion-gate integrated circuits.

Alternate Team

Name Photo About
Rachel Handran Rachel Handran is an alternate competition team member, specializing in the PHASTA application. She is an undergraduate mathematics student at UC San Diego. She is interested in utilizing mathematics and high-performance computing concepts to perform simulations for rocketry and aerospace applications.
Khai Vu Khai Vu is a third year mathematics major at UC San Diego. He is interested in high performance and hardware programming and how both can be utilized to solve purely mathematical problems, though is versed in system management and networking.

Home Team

Name Photo About
Kyle Jacob Kyle Jacob is a second-year Computer Science major at UC San Diego and has a keen passion for computers and technology.  He is skilled in cybersecurity, python scripting, benchmarking, and robotics systems.  Kyle is interested in optimizing programs to have the strongest balance between hardware and software intermeshing, providing peak performance and efficiency.
Nihal Nazeem Nihal is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Computer Engineering at UC San Diego. His background in transistor architecture research and interest in cybersecurity made him interested in exploring performance monitoring and high performance computing.
Zixian Wang Zixian is a second year undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science at UC San Diego. He is always passionate about learning new tech stuff. He is interested in low level programming, machine learning, and power-geist monitoring.


Name Photo About
Danny Vo Danny Vo is a first-year masters student in Computer Engineering at UC San Diego. He is interested in FPGA and VLSI design as well as GPU programming, though he is also versed in various other topics such as servers, networking and electronics prototyping. Danny mentors and leads in the measurement of power usage and Grafana visualization to monitor the cluster’s performance.
Kaiwen He Kaiwen (Kevin) He is a mentor for the competition team. He is a third-year undergraduate computer engineering student at UC San Diego, with a primary interest in computer security and cryptography. He was the competition team lead for the IO 500 application last year, so he has extensive experience in operating cluster filesystems. He is ready to utilize his knowledge about cluster filesystems to optimize our IO 500 benchmark performance this year.
Anders Aaen Springborg Anders is an exchange student from Aalborg, Denmark. He is mentoring the team while he is here. He is writing his masters next fall, in distributed systems. He has a background in security, enterprise system development and devops. He is leading our new monitoring project this year.

SCC22 Competition Poster

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